Aluminium Caps

Gas-proof aluminium caps (28mm) are part of our portfolio under the brand name DEL-CAP ® since 1971.

Raw Material

DEL-CAP ® aluminium caps in accordance with DIN 55406 are produced from deep-drawing capable aluminium plates (DIN EN 573-3 and 602 compliant) of top quality. Printing inks ensure a perfect brand presentation for our customers. Highly flexible specialized packaging coatings protect the brand logos. (…)
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Printing & lacquering

After an optimal process of offset printing, the plates are painted on both sides so as to protect the printing inks and later to enable gluing of the seals.   (…)
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Production process

The printed and lacquered sheets are processed in a process of combined punching and deep drawing using specialized tools into DEL-CAP ® aluminium caps maintaining the highest accuracy. Thereafter, the sealing discs are formed in a fully automated process into caps and simultaneously glued. (…)
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